Our Festival

The Forest Row Festival takes place in September each year, and has grown from a bike ride to a massive community party involving the whole village. The bike ride began in 2000, initiated by Suzanne Hillen, who had a vision of inspiring people to leave their cars at home and get out there cycling.

In 2006 talented villagers began to offer to perform music and storytelling in the cafes around the village. The Festival grew organically, as more and more people got involved performing and holding stalls, and in a very short time there was a market on the village green, live bands on top of the Swan, busking in the streets and music everywhere.

Over the past few years it has grown astonishingly fast, drawing Forest Row villagers to help, and to come with their families to watch, listen and see the delights on offer. New members of the team brought new talents, and helped the Festival to grow. Local businesses joined in, and gave practical assistance and donated funds to help the Festival become the exciting event it is now.

Each year we come together as a committee, often as a new group, and feel our way with our ideas, skills and experience to organise an engaging and inspiring event.